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Countertop Installation in San Diego & Inland Empire, CA

If you're not sure which material is right for your project, don't worry! San Diego Rocktops & Tile offer an free initial design consultation to find the perfect countertop or tile to complement your home in San Diego and Inland Empire, CA. Once you decide, we will install it quickly and efficiently without losing quality. When we're done you'll have a centerpiece for your kitchen or bathroom you can't wait to show off.
Quartz Kitchen countertop - Countertops in San Diego CA


Inspire creativity and flavor in your kitchen with custom countertops, tiled walls and flooring. Our beautiful marble, quartz, granite and other materials will give your kitchen its very own personality that you'll be happy to share with friends and family. Our experts will install everything quickly so you don't have to go a day without your kitchen.
Ful bathroom counter top - Countertops in San Diego CA


When San Diego Rocktops & Tile works on your bathroom, the polished and sharp look of our countertops and tile will make your bathroom look as clean as can be. Our technicians will use their expertise to make your bathroom elegant, beautiful and signify cleanliness. Our quality, consistent work sets us apart from other countertop installers and we give each customer the time they deserve to get the job done right.
Fireplace - Countertops in San Diego CA


Make your fireplace the center of your living room. We will customize a fireplace surround to perfectly fit your fireplace, and instantly your living room will be transformed. Our natural and engineered stone will add elegance and value to your fireplace, and our experts will do a quality job every time.
Backyard BBQ - Countertops in San Diego CA


Entertain your family and guests with a BBQ that is beautiful as well as flavorful. Our workers will build and install a backyard BBQ properly while maintaining respect of your home and property. We clean up after the job is done and will make sure you are completely satisfied with the results before leaving.
Tiled shower - Countertops in San Diego CA


From showers to backslashes, our tiles will add beauty to any room. With many materials and colors to choose from, our experts will help you find the right pattern to complement the style and existing colors in your room. Not only that, we will install all tiles right the first time.
Quartz Decor - Countertops in San Diego CA


Whatever your needs, we have custom countertops and tiles to fit all your ideas. We will install custom table tops, bar tops, stone pieces and much more. Contact us with your ideas and we will do everything we can to bring it to life.